03. Avalon

03. Avalon

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What would you do to protect the only person you have ever loved?

Min Dana, new aristocrat and heir to an empire built on arms dealing, is rescued from an uncharted hell planet more than two years after her colony ship crashed onto it. But for Min, rescue no longer means salvation. It means death for her infant son. 

Yaja is of mixed human and new aristocrat blood…and such genetic mixing is abhorrent to her people. To save him from a twisted world where deceit and beauty go hand in hand, Min will have to play a game so lethal, there can be only one survivor. 

Captain Patrick Knox’s worst officer is now the only hope of both an innocent child…and the billions of lives on Earth and Mars.

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About the Book

Praise For Avalon

**** “A complex and challenging story, with interesting ideas about the kinds of cultural and political systems needed for humans to live in a tightly bounded, artificial world – and what those systems do to the people who live within them. A very satisfying end to a memorable series…”

– Amazon review

**** “The world building was intensive and well written….”

– Goodreads

**** “(This series) is like a hybrid of ‘100’, Conair , Early Pern and Star Trek. And I loved it! Death, destruction, hint of romance, fine upstanding military personnel and a smattering of flawed heroes and heroines…”

– Goodreads

***** A memorable hero and a brilliant conclusion to the story…”

– Amazon review

Series: Status Unknown Trilogy, Book 3
Genre: Science Fiction
Publication Year: October 9th, 2018
About the Author
N. S. Shajay

N. S. Shajay is the penname for a NYT and USA Today Bestselling author who grew up devouring the works of Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, adventuring in the worlds of Lois McMaster Bujold, and revelling in the imagination of Anne McCaffrey.

Inspired by these masters, Shajay has launched The Status Unknown trilogy, an action-packed space adventure that follows a ragged band of crash survivors pitted against a deadly, primeval planet that is uninhabited … or is it?

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