02. Sanctuary

02. Sanctuary

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Stranded on an uncharted planet on the edge of the galaxy, the survivors of the Builder colony ship crash are almost at the end of their endurance. The escaped prisoners continue to be a deadly threat, but it’s the hostile and primal landscape that is their worst enemy.

Venomous flying creatures, vines that can crush a man to death, poisonous soil that mutates their attempts to grow food, the planet may as well be hell. 

 When two of their scouts return with news of a ruined city that could provide needed sanctuary, the survivors know it could be their salvation, but first, they must survive the trek. Each step takes Captain Knox and his people farther from the crash site and deeper into a wilderness that watches them, for they are wounded, weak…easy prey. And perhaps the crash planet isn’t uninhabited after all… 

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About the Book

Praise For Sanctuary

***** “Captain Patrick Knox is a special hero, one who will linger long in memory. Not perfect, but ever striving to find a way to lead his people despite his imperfections and doubts. A man you can trust, a man who will do everything he can to protect and keep his word to you. The heroine is on the face of it his exact opposite. A convicted murdered, a woman who refuses to admit guilt or allow any kind of connection, yet also a woman who will do everything she can to save her patients. An enigma, and as rich a character as Knox.”

– Amazon review

***** “It is the relationships between the colonists as much as the expertly held tension and struggles of the colonists that make this book so enjoyable.”

– Amazon review

***** “Another page turner in a great series!” 

Amazon review

Series: Status Unknown Trilogy, Book 2
Genre: Science Fiction
Publication Year: September 11th, 2018
About the Author
N. S. Shajay

N. S. Shajay is the penname for a NYT and USA Today Bestselling author who grew up devouring the works of Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, adventuring in the worlds of Lois McMaster Bujold, and revelling in the imagination of Anne McCaffrey.

Inspired by these masters, Shajay has launched The Status Unknown trilogy, an action-packed space adventure that follows a ragged band of crash survivors pitted against a deadly, primeval planet that is uninhabited … or is it?

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