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Inspired by masters such as Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, Lois McMaster Bujold and Anne McCaffrey, N.S. Shajay (the penname for a NYT and USA Today Bestselling author) has launched The Status Unknown trilogy, an action-packed space adventure that follows a ragged band of crash survivors pitted against a deadly, primeval planet that is uninhabited … or is it?

Crash, Sanctuary and Avalon, the entire Status Unknown trilogy, are out now. Dive into this deadly new world by signing up for the newsletter and receive a free science fiction novella, Enix. Experience a taste of N.S. Shajay’s imagination with a free short story, Bones Of The Braveby clicking here.

Edge of your seat space survival adventure.

NS Shajay’s CRASH is the first of a space fiction trilogy very much in the spirit of old-fashioned adventure SF. Featuring lots of action and characters harder than the science, CRASH begins in a future where war and population growth have made getting out of the solar system necessary and science has made it possible – for some.

Shajay pulls together a spaceship crash, planetside adventure with monsters and murderers, and man versus nature writ large in a read that reminds of a mid-period McCaffrey, Heinlein, or Norton. We’re waiting for the next one!

Sharon Lee and Steve Miller, authors of the Liaden Universe®

The Books

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Captain Patrick Knox, war hero and a man who has seen too many dead soldiers, is on his final journey. His task? To take an aging ship full of colonists to a backwater farm planet, with a short stop at a prison planet to offload a cargo of serial killers.

After that, he’s done. He’ll sit with the ghosts of his dead and drink himself to oblivion.

Then an act of sabotage causes the colony ship to crash onto an unmapped and eerie alien planet, the majority of their supplies lost and their tech destroyed. There is little chance of rescue. Somehow, Knox must find his ragged band of survivors safe harbor on a primeval planet where murderers roam free, even the plants are carnivorous…and the only surviving doctor is a convicted serial killer 

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Stranded on an uncharted planet on the edge of the galaxy, the survivors of the Builder colony ship crash are almost at the end of their endurance. The escaped prisoners continue to be a deadly threat, but it’s the hostile and primal landscape that is their worst enemy.

Venomous flying creatures, vines that can crush a man to death, poisonous soil that mutates their attempts to grow food, the planet may as well be hell. 

 When two of their scouts return with news of a ruined city that could provide needed sanctuary, the survivors know it could be their salvation, but first, they must survive the trek. Each step takes Captain Knox and his people farther from the crash site and deeper into a wilderness that watches them, for they are wounded, weak…easy prey. And perhaps the crash planet isn’t uninhabited after all… 

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Min Dana, new aristocrat and heir to an empire built on arms dealing, is rescued from an uncharted hell planet more than two years after her colony ship crashed onto it. But for Min, rescue no longer means salvation. It means death for her infant son. 

Yaja is of mixed human and new aristocrat blood…and such genetic mixing is abhorrent to her people. To save him from a twisted world where deceit and beauty go hand in hand, Min will have to play a game so lethal, there can be only one survivor. 

Captain Patrick Knox’s worst officer is now the only hope of both an innocent child…and the billions of lives on Earth and Mars.  

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Terra is a child of Enix. A soldier finally returning home after years fighting in the wars that have devastated Earth and Mars both. Then her transport driver suffers a fatal heart attack…and the transport falls off the edge of a steep ravine.

Terra is one of six survivors. All of them stranded in one of Enix’s barren rock-deserts.

Her planet’s sun is a harsh and unforgiving companion, water scarce, and the land inhabited by land crocs who see humans as food. To make it home, Terra will have to fight another war. This time against Enix itself.

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